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Blogging for money

I often come across people claiming to make their living from a blog or advocating others to start a blog for the purpose of making money. While I don’t doubt a blog CAN make money, I don’t think it is as easy as starting a blog nor do I think ‘everyone’ can do it.

blog for money or blog for others purposes?

Do you blog for money or other reasons?

Raivyn (who apparently does make money from her blogs) wrote a blog post about the realities of blogs and money. I like the fact she starts with suggesting the need to know why you are blogging and what you want to achieve. If you love writing online and want to make enough for a weekly cup of coffee, then blogs may be the income stream you need; if you hate your job and want a full time income, then blogging needs a lot of thought before believing it is the solution.

Which leads, of course, to why do I write this blog? There are a few reasons, but my aim has never been to make money directly or to be a pro-blogger.

Having a blog attached to my business website allows me to promote my business indirectly – it lets customers know who I am, it is an easy way to add content to my site frequently which gives people a reason to return and search engines a reason to find me, and it is related to my business anyway.

I also enjoy helping people and sharing knowledge which is what most of my blog posts are aimed at.

Of course, if anyone wants to pay me riches for reading my blog, I’m open to new ideas! But making money is not my priority from the blog.

So why do you have a blog? Is your reason for continuing it the same reason you started it? Does blogging bring you an income? An income worth the time and effort it takes to run a blog?

5 Responses to Blogging for money

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  • Jade Barker says:

    Well Said!

    I remember a family member asking my Husband asking for help to set up a website a couple years back. It was EXACTLY like the gnomes from South Park.

    Step One: Build a website
    Step Two: Unknown
    Step Three: HUGE profits

    He was so excited, but it turned out he had no goal for content… just the belief that website = free money.

    Alas, there is no FREE money… thanks for the aligning reminder!

    • tashword says:

      Yes, it’d be nice to just set up a website and then spend the riches but only a lottery ticket gives you money that easily!

      I hope your husband was able to explain the reality of making money online, Jade. Thanks for your comment.

  • KennyK says:

    Well, you can make money with a blog, but you’ll need to spend time on it. What I believe is a good way, is to start a site about something you’re interested in. You buy a domain, you write content and post articles or pages. Over time, you’ll be found in the search engines. You also advertise your site online wherever you can. You can add it in your profiles at social media for example, or post it to directories, or use it when you post replies on other blogs. With good contents, and advertising, you’ll get visitors. When? That might depend, it’s different for each site. I would say: don’t expect to get money fast. Work on your site, get unique content, and once you have some regular visitors and more people coming to your site, you could add some advertising here or there, which can bring you some money as your site grows and more visitors arrive.

    There are many people out there who claim to give you ‘out of the box money making sites’ if you put some money on the table. Why not start your own site, have fun writing and researching topics, share with people, give people something to read for free and you’ll probably be rewarded in the longer run. Good content always pays off.
    I would not focus too much on earning with your blog, because it’s a slow process and you might get demotivated if that’s your first goal. If your first goal is to enjoy writing and publishing articles and sharing with the world, then I think you’ll have what it takes to keep your blog online for a longer time, and the longer it is online with fresh quality contents, the more opportunities to monetize your blog if you want to do that.

    • tashword says:

      I totally agre, Kenny – running a blog or business (or both!) based on yor passion rather than some supposedly profitable area will keep you motivated and interested for longer – and usually makes your writing more interesting to read, too.

      Blogging can certainly bring in an income, but not everyone has the dediction and skill to make a good income from it. And as you say, it certainly won’t happen overnight!

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