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How to record your guest blogging activities

Recording your guest blog activities in a spreadsheet or some other system may seem fiddley and time-consuming (and it is!) but it can also be of great value.

To help you get guest blogging and recording, these templates are already set up for you – just adjust them to suit your needs.

Launch package

This package contains an excel file with three spreadsheets to help record your guest blogging as both a blogger and host blog owner.

We will soon be launching a revised edition which will include conditional formatting and filters to help you organise and analyse your data.

image of a useful spreadsheet for bloggers

For only $4.00, you get all 3 worksheets and a saving of at least 30 minutes (had you created the file yourself with the appropriate knowledge to hand – how much longer would it take if you had to agonise over what to include?)

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