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Tash Hughes, professional writer and owner of Word Constructions, is proud to present the following eBooks for you.

Each book is value-packed with information and practical tips to help you grow and develop your business. As a professional writer, she has written a lot of words for online and offline materials, as well as having edited many more words written by other people.

How to write well
Communicating effectively to customers is the basis of a successful business, and good writing is the foundation for clear communications. These are many aspects of writing clear communications, but without knowing some basic writing skills and rules it is hard to use the advanced techniques to best effect. Learn from over 45 tips plus articles on style, graphics and making business document work for you, and make your writing more effective today!

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Preparing procedures ebook cover

Preparing procedures
Having written procedures aids the smooth operations of your business, especially if you need to hand things to someone else for a while. It also increases the asking price when you come to sell your business. This easy-to-understand eBook explains how to make your own business procedures, from choosing topics and writing procedures through to layout and use.

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Corporate Style Guide instructions sheet

Corporate style guide template

Trying to maintain a brand with a consistent style can be a constant battle unless you have a Corporate Style Guide for everyone to follow. You could write your own guide, or you could personalise this comprehensive template in as a little as an hour.

All you have to do is follow the provided instructions to personalise the template – simply fill in your details as prompted then adjust anything else you want to. Many details are pre-filled for you, based on best practice, to make it as easy as possible to get a professional style guide in place quickly.

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Declaring your business style ebook cover

Starting a style guide for your  business

A style guide is a critical tool in maintaining a consistent style as par of your business brand. Establishing a style guide that suits your business saves you time and frustration, getting your entire team working on the same style.

Learn how to create an effective style guide in this introductory eBook, including a list of items you may want to include in your guide. A style sheet template is included so you can implement some style rules straight away.

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