I hope you find my writing and business tips and observations useful. My business and blog are dedicated to helping businesses communicate clearly and reach their potential. Read, subscribe to my newsletter, enjoy!Tash

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Tash & Word Constructions

My name is Tash and this is my blog 🙂 It is part of my writing business, Word Constructions.

I love to share information and ideas so this blog is dedicated to that for writing, business and communications topics. My aim is to help others succeed in business and learn a few writing skills, and sometimes give the opportunity to learn from my experience rather than taking the long route.


For anyone who is curious, I live in Melbourne Australia, run my business from home and would never go back to a traditional job. My husband and I have four lovely and loving children (including a toddler and a teenager!) Word Constructions was started when I had 4 and 1.5 year olds so it started slowly but has developed into a successful business support for a number of organisations.

My business…

Through my business, I write/edit predominantly for businesses (blogs, articles, manuals, webcopy, media releases and so much more) as well as present talks/workshops and advice on communications topics.

To find out more about Word Constructions and our related services, please visit the main website (www.wordconstructions.com.au) or just keep reading this blog!

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