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Quality content for guest blog posts

Guest blogging can be a great tool for both the hosting blog and the guest writer, and helps generate more content in the blog community.

However, if the content of guest posts is only average, the benefits are reduced; if the guest posts are low quality they can actually do more harm than good.

I have seen a number of examples of poor guest posts lately and I end up frustrated with wasting my time reading them when I could have been reading some great posts elsewhere. Such posts on an otherwise good blog is even more frustrating.

As a host blogThe globe and people connected via computers and internet

Imagine if the first post I read on your blog was a low quality post by a guest blogger. I am busy so it is likely I won’t come back to your blog because I only want to read information that is useful and easy to grasp.

If I already trust and value your blog, I will be disappointed but will probably give  you another chance. However, I certainly won’t share that post on social media and am less likely to leave a (constructive or positive) comment.

Whatever the reason for accepting guest posts in your blog, you want the post to be an asset in your blog, with the ultimate aim of attracting more readers. If you add in low quality posts, you are failing your readers and therefore your blog.

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Would you accept a low quality post from someone else in your blog? No? Then it’s safe to assume that a low quality post is more likely to be rejected by any host blog you may approach.

Especially if you are approaching a high-ranking blog that probably has many would-be guest bloggers to choose from.

Even if your low quality post was accepted, is it going to work for you?

As a guest blogger, I want to showcase my skills and knowledge to a broader audience – it builds credibility for me and develops my SEO which hopefully leads to additional traffic for my site. If you read my guest post and like it, you may visit my blog; if you think my post is poor, you won’t click through or share it and may even ignore future links or recommendations to me.

Make the posts you offer to other blogs some of your best posts and you will get results – low quality posts need editing or deleting.

* Low quality may mean the actual content is poor or the writing is poor and therefore hard to read. Worse, it could be poorly written and offer no value in the content either.

12 Responses to Quality content for guest blog posts

  • Paul Hassing says:

    This is very wise advice, Tash. You make a lot of great points. Once again, I agree with your every word. Best regards, P. 🙂

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  • onlinebusinessgal says:

    Thank-you for taking time to remind both host blogs and guest bloggers the value of quality guest blogs and the pitfalls of poor guest blogs. It is important for a host blog to keep their eye on any guest blogs to make cerrtain they are well written. Poor posts, should be updated to a higher standard or removed. Guest bloggers should never post a blog that is not of the same high quality they command on their very own blog.

    • tashword says:

      You’re welcome, onlinebusinessgal 🙂

      Guest blogging can work really well for everyone involved, but only if people take care that the posts are worth reading.

      You raise a great point – guest posts can be edited to a higher standard if you think the content is valuable.

  • meowcow says:

    This is true. As with any business, a blog is no different. To have a long term, good standing relationship with your clients, it has to be almost perfect from all angles. One small sub-par entry and your brand can be compromised. I myself would think twice before I recommend a hit or miss blog.

    • tashword says:

      I think your last sentence is enough reason to strive for quality in blog posts (by guests or the blog owner) – low quality won’t get recommendations and word of mouth exposure which is important for business blogs.

  • Anna T says:

    Guest blogging is extremely effective. If you accept a guest post on your blog, it introduces your readers to a fresh viewpoint. And you can of course also drive traffic to your site by guest blogging for others.

    However, you do have to keep quality in mind. I often get guest post requests from people who have clearly never taken the time to read my website and see what I typically post about. I prefer to accept posts from people who already know what my purpose is and understand the type of content I usually post. I would much prefer to get a guest post with related content.

    I also try to follow the same rule for those I send posts to. I look around their site and get a feel for what they usually write about. Then, I write a post for them that relates to what I typically see there.

    • tashword says:

      No doubt the blogs you guest blog for appreciate your research, Anna. I always look at a blog before I write for them, too. It’s not just matching their topics and tone, but also means you aren’t wasting your trim writing about something they blogged about recently.

      It really surprises me to read low quality guest posts – why would any blogger want that in their blog I don’t understand.

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  • Amelia Warner says:

    What a great article. I have been using a similar guest posting method for some time now, and I’ve had great results. I have always looked for sites to comment and guest post via Google. I have never found such a list. This is a great resource!

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