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Preparing procedures ebook

Getting your business to run smoothly, even if you aren’t there to supervise

You know how to run your business and care for your customers, but are you confident in leaving things for a few days if you’re sick or taking a holiday? Will a trusted person remember how to do everything in your absence? Or do you never take the risk?

Having written procedures aids the smooth operations of your business, especially if you need to hand things to someone else for a while. Procedures can also save you time and make it easier to bring in new people as you expand your business.

Having written procedures even increases the asking price when you come to sell your business.

In short, writing down your procedures makes good business sense and helps you.

How can you get relevant procedures?

If you are like many people, getting procedures together is not something you want to do or even know how to manage.

You could copy someone else’s procedures but it will only get you so far – you really need to have your own and that will cost time.

Pen on a blank pageI know that facing a blank page is daunting and getting a set of procedures looks like a mammoth task – you need to decide on what topics need procedures, how to store them, how to present them and, most time consuming, write the procedures.

Well, I’m making the process a bit easier for you by explaining how to set up a set of procedures (whether or not you want to call it a procedure manual!) in my Preparing Procedures eBook.

How will this eBook help?

Written in Plain English, this eBook will guide you through all the steps of making procedures for your business. Not only does it include a list of topics needing procedures, it gives you tips on how to choose which ones are most important for you to write.

You will also learn about the actual writing of procedures and how to lay them out for the greatest results. The eBook goes on to show you how to set up procedures in a way that makes it easy to add more as you need to, rather than having to establish a new system when you expand your business and need more procedures. Templates at the end of the eBook will give you real ideas of what will best suit your needs.

Having written many procedures (and used a few more of them with varying success), I have learned a number of techniques to make procedures more effective, and easier to write and manage. So my eBook also includes a tips section so you can learn from my experience.

Smiling woman typing on a laptopAs a professional writer, I made sure the eBook is clear and simple to understand. As a small business owner, I know to only include useful information in this eBook – you don’t have time to waste on fluff and platitudes. As a trained and experienced technical and corporate writer, I have included valuable tips and guidelines to let you prepare a professional set of procedures.

Order a copy today and get your business organised

Simply click on the buy now button below and make a payment of $15.95 via paypal (it’s secure and you don’t have to share your details with me). Your eBook will then be ready to transform your procedure writing from daunting to manageable.

And if you don’t find the tips useful in writing your procedures, I’ll give you your money back – and take your comments on board for a new edition (so far, we’re still on the first edition!)

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