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Control pop up ads

I just visited a blog for the first (and probably last!) time.

As soon as I got to the URL, a pop up opened to promote something I assume they get a commission or payment for. There was a x on the pop up so I was able to close it fairly easily at least.

I hate pop ups at the best of times (and am annoyed that many get past pop up blockers but that’s another story!) so it doesn’t make me like a site when I get a pop up so quickly. But I sigh and move on.

girl yelling through megaphone at boy reading

People learn to block out too much noise and refuse to be distracted.

Frequency of pop ups

On this particular site, I closed the pop up and then clicked on a link to see the most recent blog post.

As soon as the blog post opened, so did another pop up.

As soon as the about us page opened, so did another pop up.

As soon as the registration page (clicked on by mistake!) opened, so did another pop up!

Seeing the same pop up that many times is NOT making me more likely to click on it let alone spend money on whatever is being advertised.

Topics of pop ups (and other ads)

I understand that running a blog has costs and people want to make a bit of money back from their blog if possible. Ads and affiliate links are one way to cover some blogging costs.

But surely it’s more effective if the ads are aimed at the target audience of the blog?

In my example above, the site is about cooking but the pop up was about web hosting.

Obviously, some people are interested in both cooking and running a website. But can you assume most people looking up recipes and cooking tips will be interested in hosting a website?

I think a pop up for cooking books, online shops for herbs and other ingredients, or even online retailers of cooking tools would interest more of the blog’s visitors. And thus earn the blogger more money – or the advertiser more relevant exposure.

The lesson learned?

Ok, I already knew this but the lesson from my example is to control any pop up advertising on your blog or website.

  1. only show the ad a few times – if someone says no after that, they’ll probably always say no
  2. make your ads relevant to your audience. If not immediately apparent why it should interest that audience, make the ad itself provide a link.

So what do you think of website pop ups?

Do you use (and hopefully control) pop ups on your site? If so, what response have you got from them?

10 Responses to Control pop up ads

  • Carol says:

    I just commented about pop-up ads in another forum earlier. I’m with you. It is very frustrating, especially when I’m using the web for business purposes, to have those pop-up ads interfere with my work! I’m on the clock, for crying out loud! I write content for several online article services and sometimes it requires research. But the faster you I get an article written and submitted, the better the pay. I don’t have time to stop and do battle with these pop-ups! Then, when I finally get rid of one, the page I was reading is gone and I have to start all over. Do you think I’m going to buy that product or service after such a lack of consideration for my time? Not likely!

    • TashWord says:

      Hi Carol, I agree – it’s not just annoying to be interrupted but because it costs time for those of us who work for ourselves on a project basis. And there really isn’t much business sense to annoy potential customers!

  • sonu says:

    I totally agree with you in case of pop ups. Personaly I hate pop up adds because once I clicked on it (by mistake) and got my Pc virus infected. Websites or blogs advertise these pop ups for few bucks but in my opinion it will cause lack of traffic. As I visited once and promised myself not to visit again because its waste of time nothing else and I got the same content on some other website which is free of pop ups.

  • Lucian says:

    You can install a pop-up blocker to prevent pop-up ads to be shown on your screen. The most annoying situation is on mobile devices. It’s almost impossible to close these ads who are totally ruining your browsing. The site owners should take drastic measures to remove by themselves these pop ups. They should be aware that they are losing traffic on mobile devices and that, in the near future, is disastrous for them. A better control of these pop ups is necessary for them to be effective, as it was intended.

    • TashWord says:

      Hi Lucian, thanks for dropping by.

      Ads and pop ups on mobiles would truly annoy me – I don’t use much internet on a mobile so don’t see this problem personally.
      Unfortunately, there are means of using pop ups that get past pop up blockers – I know as I’ve had blockers in place for nearly as long as I’ve been online!

      I guess the saddest group are those website owners who use pop ups without realising the downsides of them and thus how they are risking their online traffic.
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  • NorthStar says:

    You got it right. Pop ups are so frustrating especially on torrent sites. They keep on telling you that your mobile device is infected and if you’re an easy target and click on their links, boom! You either will be spam or worst get infected by spyware and malware. Although, not all pop ups are the work of the “devil”. Some are valid ones that are used for logon. So the key here is knowing the websites you are visiting. And setting up pop ups as default block. As they say, better be safe than sorry.

    • TashWord says:

      It is true, North Star, not all sites are being ‘evil’ when they use pop ups – although I think they are annoying enough everyone should think hard before using them!
      And it’s hard only going to sites you know as you sometimes need to gain information or check out new places, but it does add to safety if you know the sites you’re on 🙂
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  • Adam Bennett says:

    Hey Tash,

    Nice share!!

    It has been seen that spontaneous Internet Explorer pop-up windows and ironically, pop-up blocker software, render Windows XP computer unusable at times of need. The pop-ups do not coincide with any particular action i.e, their execution is random and not caused by any particular event. They tend to slow down the computer and this is one of the major resons why Windows Users detest pop-ups. They often contain information unsuitable for being viewed by children.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    • TashWord says:

      Thanks for adding your comments, Adam. I’m glad to say pop ups (to the best of my knowledge anyway!) have never caused my computer to crash but I still don’t like them! There’s one site I visit regularly )to get news items of interest to one of my clients) and I hate having to shut down an advertising pop up every time so I can actually read the article – I never read let alone click on the ad so it is not helping them achieve anything anyway.
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