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A hansom boy?

As always, I help Love Santa write and edit some special letters each December.

A picture of hansom cab being pulled by a moving horse

A 19th century engraving of a Hansom Cab in motion. Hansom cabs were designed to be faster and more agile than older horse drawn carriages.

As I edit, I check the supplied information works in the letters, fix up capital letters and adjust any spelling errors.

In one letter I edited a few weeks ago, I came across a misspelling I’ve never seen before so it has inspired today’s Monday meanings 🙂

handsome [adjective]: attractive, good looking; significant
You are such a handsome boy!
He received a handsome package when he retired.

hansom [noun]: a horse drawn  two-wheeled carriage with a covered area which the driver sat behind and above. The hansom cab (named for its design) was the forerunner of the term taxicab and cab that we now associated with hired vehicles.)
Sherlock Holmes jumped aboard the hansom cab and was off!

How to remember which is which?

A hansom cab was designed to be sleek and fast so it has fewer letters than the significant handsome.

Alternatively, you may find it easier to think of a handsome person having a hand which a hansom cab certainly does not!

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