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Is your business prepared for 2012-13?

changes for 1 July 2012With one week to go in this financial year, I thought it a good time to remind you of some changes that come into effect on 1 July.

  • the carbon tax starts – find out more about pricing impacts on the ACCC website
  • minimum weekly wages increase by 2.9% so if you employ anyone at minimum rates (including apprentices, trainees and juniors) make sure you are meeting the Fair Work Australia requirements
  • new individual PAYG tax rates change – namely the tax-free threshold is increasingly significantly. Make sure your payroll software has been updated with the new rates before your first pay run
  • the flood levy finishes on 30 June so if you have been deducting this from employees’ pays, remember to stop!
  • the superannuation co-contribution rate is halving to $0.50 per $1 you contribute, so if you qualify this year, you have a few days left to make a personal contribution to get this
  • concessional superannuation contributions (those from your employer, salary sacrifice or that you claim a tax deduction on) will be capped at $25,000 regardless of your age or situation. Check your contribution rates for 2012-13 so you don’t get any nasty tax surprises…


Have you implemented all of the relevant changes for your business?

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