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Agreeably in accord

Constantly confused by letters and similar sounding words? Then read on, learn new definitions and relax!

consonance [noun]: agreement or harmony of the parts of a whole; the repetition of consonants, usually for the key syllables of words or in key words of the writing – often used in poetry
Consonance of words, tone and meaning makes good writing better.
Click-clack, click-clack, the train runs along the track. {note the repeated ck sound)

consonants [noun ]: letters other than vowels ( so not a, e, i, o or u) – more technically, these are the letters which require at least partial closing your vocal tract to say them.
There are 21 consonants in the English language, although Y can act as a vowel and W acts as a vowel in Welsh.

consonant [adjective]: in harmony or agreement
Consonant with the company’s brand, the salesman promised quickly delivery

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