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Blog update preferences

How do you like to be updated about new blog posts from your favourite posts?

Get blog post updatesYou can just visit the blog regularly in the hope of finding new posts and not missing anything good, or you can make use of technology to let you know about new posts:

  1. RSS feed will collate all new posts from your listed blogs in one place
  2. tweets from the blogger
  3. an email sent from the blog
  4. Facebook, Google + or linkedIn status updates
  5. links in the blogger’s newsletters
  6. updates from places like Google Alerts and Wotnews

Does your preference change for different types of blogs or different frequency of posts?

PS I offer all of points 1 to 5 to keep readers informed about my blog as I like to make it easy for you to learn about good business communications. So follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, subscribe to my newsletter, sign up for emails (form at the top of right hand column) or grab my RSS feed!

6 Responses to Blog update preferences

  • Anna T says:

    Because I’m on Facebook a lot, I prefer Facebook notifications. If I have “liked” a blogger on Facebook and then post their link, I might see it in my newsfeed and then I can go read if the subject matter interests me.

    I also like getting a weekly newsletter with a summary of posts for that week in case I missed anything.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks for the answer, Anna.

      Convenience is always good. You’ve got me thinking about the weekly email – part of me thinks I would probably not click through unless the email arrived at the right time but for a blogger I really like, it could be very handy.

  • Dojo says:

    I have bookmarks of the blogs I really want to follow, so that, when I have time to ‘kill’ on the blogs, I just hit ‘open all bookmarks’. If a blog is not worth my hassle anymore, I just remove the bookmark.

    I like seeing the design, the ads etc., not just read the text, this is why I don’t use an RSS reader. have tried it for few days and then got too bored. I don’t want to receive ANY email notifications, since, as a web designer, I do receive a lot of client mail. I’d rather focus on that.

    So in my case it’s the ‘let me come and see’ solution. It’s convenient to me, since I can visit the blogs when I feel like it and not have the updates intrude my regular work day.

    • tashword says:

      I agree that the RSS feed is less appealing than a properly laid out blog, and doesn’t help if you want something from the sidebars. I only have about 2 blogs in my RSS feed and I haven’t looked at it almost since I added them 🙂

      I tend to agree that I only visit blogs when it suits me so sometimes I forget about good blogs I come across – but no other solution suits me.

  • onlinebusinessgal says:

    I have two preferences and really do not mind which method is used. The first would be to receive notifications through Facebook. I also do not mind receiving emails letting me know that additional comments have been added for a post I am watching.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks for the answer, onlinebusinessgal.

      So you use emails more for watching a post (and following the conversation) rather than being notified of new posts? I do that occasionally on interesting posts or where I ask a question.

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