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Blog update preferences

How do you like to be updated about new blog posts from your favourite posts?

Get blog post updatesYou can just visit the blog regularly in the hope of finding new posts and not missing anything good, or you can make use of technology to let you know about new posts:

  1. RSS feed will collate all new posts from your listed blogs in one place
  2. tweets from the blogger
  3. an email sent from the blog
  4. Facebook, Google + or linkedIn status updates
  5. links in the blogger’s newsletters
  6. updates from places like Google Alerts and Wotnews

Does your preference change for different types of blogs or different frequency of posts?

PS I offer all of points 1 to 5 to keep readers informed about my blog as I like to make it easy for you to learn about good business communications. So follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, subscribe to my newsletter, sign up for emails (form at the top of right hand column) or grab my RSS feed!
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