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Being open in blogs

One of the reasons behind the success of blogging is the humanising aspect of it.

What does that mean? Well, the personality and thoughts of the person blogging come through in their posts, especially if read a few posts, so you see the human being behind the website. This is particularly true for businesses who previously had a static set of pages with information but showed little of the person(people) behind it.

So where do you draw the line between showing yourself and staying professional in a business blog? (That was a question to you rather than being a rhetorical question!)

I was inspired to ask after reading a blog post by Tuan where he openly discusses his blog traffic results for June– he gives actual figures as well as celebrating the fact he has reached a new high in traffic (congratulations Tuan!) and what he learned along the way. So many people will exaggerate or imply they are doing well but Tuan’s honesty is refreshing – and he does have a lot if visitors, too!

So would you be as open about Tuan, at least on certain topics, or do you prefer to keep a wall between you and your business image?

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