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I just read an article called ’10 hypnotic-like sentences that sell like crazy’. Catchy heading and, as a writer, potentially useful information so I read it.

Well, actually I started reading it and then just skimmed the remaining nine sentences. All 10 sentences are based on the theory that if I write how you are feeling you will start to feel that way as you read my words.

Just one example of the sentences provided: You don’t know it yet but, at the conclusion of this ad, you will feel driven to order and experience all the benefits of our product.

Personally, if I read something like that, I’d stop reading in irritation with someone being so blatant and patronising. Obviously, you can lead readers in a certain direction with good writing, but I don’t like the technique in that article and wouldn’t recommend using it!

Some would say this technique works in the USA, but I’m not convinced they are so different that obvious manipulations like this aren’t annoying Amercians, too.

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