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Positive or negative?

As much as I’d prefer to ignore the election campaign, it is here and I have noticed numerous ads around. And I am surprised (as I am at every election, lol!) as how negative much of the campaigning is.

In business and as a writer, I would never criticise a competitor (mine or for a client) to try to win sales. I believe it is much better to show my strengths and abilities instead of showing how good I am at complaining about others – this builds trust in my skills obviously, and lets clients know if I offer a service they need.

Spouting negatives about competitors surely makes me look insecure or bitter or incompetent (because I don’t have enough positives to talk about), or all of them!

Politicians never seem to learn this simple business principle – and it makes me think of politicians as children!

So, don’t copy the politicians, and use positives in your writing!

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2 Responses to Positive or negative?

  • Melissa says:

    I agree with you – the negative campaigning doesn’t make sense to me, so I try & ignore it as much as I can… if anything, I find myself defending whoever it is who is being put down – so I’m completely undecided as to who to vote for.

    Very good point you make 🙂

  • tashword says:

    That’s a good point Melissa – putting down a competitor may just be enough reason for someone to try them instead of you – not much business sense in that!

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