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Blog policies

Blog policies (or guidelines) are simply a set of rules that control your blog.

A blog policy does not have to just be for guest bloggers – it is just how your blog operates. If you do accept guest blog posts (regularly or periodically), make a specific section for guest blog policies.

Having policies can

  1. help you make decisions
    For example, if your policy is to be wholly Australian, it is easy to decide against international advertisers
  2. save people asking you questions
    Policies stating you don’t have advertising or guest blog posts mean fewer people will ask if you will accept their ad or post
  3. reduce arguments
    A no profanity policy is all you need to point out after editing the swearing out of someone’s comment or guest blog post
  4. give comfort to someone looking for information about your and your business
    For instance, if you offer lessons to children, I will trust you more to see your blog is family friendly and moderated
  5. add to your professionalism
    A policy shows you have thought about your blog and what it represents.

Have you made decisions about any blogs based on their policies?

6 Responses to Blog policies

  • Dojo says:

    I have never created a guidelines per se on my blogs, though it’s a good idea. I have it in my forums and it works great. I do have few words above the comment area, where I specify what my rules are (good comments, no spam, no personal attacks etc.) This way my commenters are advised on what’s permitted or not.

    The good thing is that most of the time my readers are already well aware of how we manage things there and are well behaved. If you, as the blogger, write good stuff, use ‘clean’ language etc, the members will ‘mimic’ you. If you use foul language, you can be assured your commenters will do the same.

    • tashword says:

      I completely agree with that, Dojo – leadership and attitude come from the top down, which means from the blogger/forum admin in this case.

      Policies are there for those few who don’t pick up on the unwritten clues and to save questions (e.g. how long do you want my guest blog post to be?)

  • Anna T says:

    Blog policies are very helpful as a reader and as a blogger, I can see the value in having one.

    I have often thought that it would be a good idea for me to have a FAQ on my blog for the same questions that tend to come up over and over again. But then of course there will always be people who will bypass the FAQ and ask you the questions anyway.

    • tashword says:

      There is no way to prevent some people asking the same thing, but you can reduce it by making the answer readily available. And if you have to answer half as many emails/phone calls in a week, the time saved is worth have put the answer out there.

  • onlinebusinessgal says:

    Having a policy list for your blog is an excellent idea. I had not thought of doing this for whatever reason. It does make sense that you would want to have clear regulations for how you run your blog though.

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