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An annual report by any other name…

I sometimes refer to writing annual reports for clients, but you may know those reports by another name such as:

  • trustee report
  • annual trustee report
  • shareholders’ report
  • report for members
  • membership report
  • AGM reports (although these are often simpler and delivered orally)
  • company report
  • annual credit report

Are there any other name you use or know for annual reports from a company or similar entity?

2 Responses to An annual report by any other name…

  • ranjitrgeorge says:

    All though an annual report may be known by different names as mentioned above, the content in these titles may be vastly different. For example, an annual report consists of past, present and future outlook of a company whereas membership report may consist of report on membership numbers, demographics etc.

    • tashword says:

      That’s a good point, ranjitgeorge. Sometimes those titles are used in different ways so a membership report will describe the members.

      A number of annual reports (mainly for superannuation funds in Australia) I have written have been called ‘annual report to members’ or ‘annual member report’ and actually cover details about the past and future of the company – so the same title can even mean different things but hopefully the relevant members know what they’re expecting!

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