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Is your website shallow?

What is the content like on your website?

A new term around at the moment refers to shallow website content, meaning content that meets any minimum expectation without any additional information or resources.
Consider the contact us page on most sites – there is very little content other than contact details. That is shallow content – although highly appropriate for a contact page!

Imagine that level of information on other pages of a site – for example, I followed a tweeted link today to a blog post that was purely a title and a link. It can be very frustrating for a person wanting to learn something if a page gives so little information, but shallow content has worked in the past for getting search engine results.

One of Google’s plans, apparently, is to make information-rich pages rank better than such shallow pages. I say bring it on!

So before Google makes that change, maybe now is the time to build up the content on your website. Even adding depth to a page a week or fortnight will improve the experience for your site visitors so what have you got to lose?

So, is your website shallow? Are there obvious questions people would have that you are not answering?

5 Responses to Is your website shallow?

  • Carol Jones says:

    Good morning Tash,

    I just had to follow THAT title from Twitter!

    Contact Us pages are my biggest frustration with blogs and websites. No names. No telephone number. No location. Only an email address.

    I will not buy any product online when my only way of contacting ANONYMOUS is by email – when and if something goes wrong with the product. Emails can always be ignored. And ANONYMOUS tells me they don’t want business from people who are savvy internet buyers.

    This is a fabulous post. And should be read by everyone.

    Best wishes,


    • tashword says:

      Morning Carol (well afternoon now actually!)

      I admit I was thinking of basic contact us pages when I wrote that as I agree a contact page needs more than just an email address – especially if the about us page doesn’t give names and locations instead.

      I’m glad you liked the post so much and that it does inspire people to give more than a minimum level of information.

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    how to fix it?

    • TashWord says:

      Hi Muhammad, you fix it by adding useful content!

      Have you answered the questions someone would visit that page for? How else can you help a site visitor on that page? Have you explained the title and any terms on the page?

      It doesn’t have to be hard, just provide some real substance to build trust and credibility.

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