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I recently read a post by Jeff Attwood in his Coding Horror blog. He wrote thirteen blog clichés that he doesn’t like seeing in blogs – it is like a list of what not to do for a good blog, and was quite an interesting read.

While his post stands as is, some of his points particularly stood out to me so I will discuss them in my blog 🙂

One that I very much agree with is his point 5 – the big blogroll. He writes about the waste of listing many blogs in your blog roll, and wrote “It feels artificial and insincere.” Personally, a selective blogroll is a value-add; a long blogroll is ignored.

So what is wrong with listing so many blogs? For starters, a long list doesn’t give any sense of referral or recommendation to the listed blogs, compared to a select listing is likely to be meaningful. It is also hard to find anything from a long list – so at least break the list in to sub-lists to make it more user-friendly.

A particularly long list can also distort the look of a page, especially for short posts.

Having said that, what are the advantages of including some blogs in your blogroll? For starters, it builds the blogging community to link and refer to each other. A crafted blogroll can also help your readers find more information on relevant topics, which they will appreciate.

Links to and from your blog can help with your traffic and search engine rankings, so that in itself makes a blogroll and reciprocal links worth considering. But remember that links within your posts are also effective for rankings and readers, so a minimalist blogroll doesn’t mean you can’t link to additional blogs.

What do you think? Are you impressed by a long blogroll when you visit a blog?

Happy writing!

3 Responses to Good blogging

  • puregreenjade says:

    I totally agree to having a select blogroll as opposed to a longggg one… and blogrolls are only a ‘by the way’ for me when I visit a blog I like. I feel overwhelmed when faced by an incredibly lengthy list of links. I’ve kept my own short for exactly the reasons you mentioned above.

  • Melissa says:

    I agree completely. If there’s a long list, I don’t bother looking most of the time. Shorter lists work, especially if they are blogs with a similar theme so I can read more on topics I’m interested in.

  • tashword says:

    Thank you both for adding your comments. I admit that I don’t use blogrolls a lot – I am more inclined to click links within a post as the post itself gives me reason to do so.

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