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What to write in a blog…

As I am learning to blog, I am aware of the dilema “but what do I write about?”

Of course, as a writer of many, many articles and two monthly newsletters (one filled with business and writing tips and one with time saving tips and information about the web) I have dealt with the question of what to write many times:)

So what can you write about, other than your daily life?

Let’s assume you have a particular theme to your blog and a particular audience… then some examples of content to get you started are:

  • experiences you have had with customers/clients that others can learn from
  • useful tips you have learned from reading a book/blog/article, etc
  • relevant mistakes you notice in everyday life – and how they could have been avoided
  • upcoming events
  • reviews of relevant books/magazines/websites/programs
  • current news items that affect your audience
  • special offers/deals you are planning or you are aware of that may suit your audience

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