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Why outsource a manager?

Last week I posted that it is possible to outsource managerial roles as well as specific skill roles. But maybe you’re wondering why someone would outsource a manager so here’s my list of ideas – can you add to it?

  •  you only have to pay for the hours you need them to work – not a set number of hours each week
  • you may be able to access greater skills within your budget if they are not full time
  • if they work remotely, it saves you providing space, desk, computer and services for an extra person
  • it may give you more options such as having a manager in another state may open more face-to-face opportunities for your business as well as local contacts in that state
  • it can be a good way to trial what roles you need a manager for – you can outsource for 6 months to assess the situation as it is easier to end a short term contract than an employment contract
  • an outside manager may provide a different perspective and not be as involved in internal issues

Christmas hours for Word Constructions

As December is moving along, I want to wish you a lovely holiday season without too much stress and with many laughs.Holly leaves and berries

Word Constructions will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period, starting from 4pm Wednesday 22 December 2010. We will reopen on Wednesday 5 January.

During this time, I will check emails and blog comments but it may take a few days before you get a response. Thank you for your patience as I take some time to spend with family.

And as we get closer to Christmas, remember there is still time to order a personalised Love Santa letterto delight the children in your life (yes, it is a shameless plug but Love Santa letters are so much fun I can’t help myself!)

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