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Finding more blogs…

I just came across a blog directory site I hadn’t heard of before which includes a business section. I am going to make some time next week to sit and look at various blogs in that directory  – I might find some great blogs or at least some inspiration for more posts and articles of my own!

Have you listed your blog in any directories to increase your exposure? Has it generated a lot of responses for you?

New listing

I have just added this blog to a directory (the suitably named Web Link Directory!) I came across while researching things online for a client.

What directories have you added your business to? Have you noticed any significant results (positive or negative) from any directory listing?

Admittedly, I did a lot more in the way of directory listings when I first started in business and needed some exposure to get started. I’m not sure I ever got any work from those ads, but I believe they may well have helped get my site noticed by Google and friends. Of course, having relevant, human-orientated content made more difference to my eventual rankings but some initial incoming links helped.

Now, I have less time to look for directories! But more importantly, I take more care in choosing where to place links – relevant sites and sites I consider to be reputable are much more likely to get my notice. Many experts say these links will benefit me more than lots of suspect links, and I don’t disagree with them; besides, I think they are more likely to attract the types of clients I want.