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Getting help for your blog

You probably know there are lots of great reasons to have a blog. And you probably know that a good blog is more effective than a mediocre blog.

I’m guessing you also know that a good blog takes time, effort and knowledge to create and maintain.

It’s ok to get help with running a blog

Whether you’re short on time or writing skills, sometimes it is just too hard to keep producing great blog content – let alone doing all the other tasks associated with your blog.

Imagine having great content appear on your blog two or three times a week without you having to write a word… Content that is easy to read, sticks to your topic and encourages people to comment and interact.

This dream can come true!

Investing in blog content

As a professional writer and long-term blogger, you could say I’ve written a few blog posts and articles!

I enjoy it and love working with other businesses and individuals to get their message across to the world (or at least the part of the world they want to communicate with!)

So instead of staring at a blank screen or ignoring your blog for weeks on end, look at these options:

Blog post topics
tell me about your blog and I’ll give you 30 post topics to get you writing

Blog post content
give me 5 topics and related information and I’ll write you five posts for you to upload

Blog post content (ongoing)
lets discuss your blog then I’ll write and upload two posts a week for you

Blog discussion
just want someone knowledgable to look at your blog and give some tips or answer questions? I can do that too!

These are just sample offers – I can write any number of posts you need, or I can edit the posts you have prepared yourself. So let me know what help you need and we can work out a package and price to suit.

Getting your blog moving

Simply fill in the contact form below and take your blog to a new level!

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