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We’re going where?

Doing some marketing research for a client, I came across the following sentence:

With over 37  year’s experience, where sure to make your Christmas party a huge success!

I admit I was stunned to see this error and thus a new Monday Meaning post was inspired.Smartphone map to find Christmas Party location

where: [noun] location or place; [adverb] in what place/position/respect; ]pronoun] which place or point?
I wonder where Simon will be on Christmas Day this year?

we’re [contraction]: we are – we’re is simply an abbreviation of ‘we are’ where the apostrophe replaces the space and letter a.
We’re going to my Father’s house for Christmas lunch this year.

I’m also adding a  word that sounds different but has similar spelling and does sometimes get used in place of where and we’re.

were [verb]: ‘to be’ in the past (ie the past tense) for a plural (we, they) or second person singular (you) noun
We were at my Uncle’s last Christmas Day.

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