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Building your social media profile the nice way

build nice connections in social mediaIn my latest newsletter, on Facebook and Twitter, I have mentioned some great advice I heard from Gihan Perera in a webinar a couple of weeks ago. Namely,

do something nice for someone on social media every day.

Such a simple concept with the potential benefit of making people feel good and remembering your positively, and giving you inspiration to maintain your social media presence (without being a sales pitch). It also makes you feel good, expands your creativity and shows your generosity.

Not sure of how to do this?

Nice social media activities

Here is a list of things I have thought of, but I’m sure you could add more to this list…

  1. retweet interesting tweets
  2. leave comments on blog posts you read (hint hint!)
  3. answer questions on LinkedIn, even if its just your opinion rather than your expertise
  4. give someone an online testimonial (LinkedIn is great for that, but why not try Facebook, twitter, Tumblr or their own website? Or maybe compliment them in many places!
  5. answer questions in a forum
  6. share the link to a great blog post or article
  7. write a blog post and link back to someone else’s blog or social media profile
  8. if you see an opportunity to promote someone, do it (for example, if a relevant site accepts recommendations or links, suggest someone else)
  9. give support to someone in a forum
  10. ‘pin’ someone’s image or infographic
  11. introduce people in your networks (via email or through platforms like Facebook and Twitter)
  12. add a comment or favourite a YouTube video or a Slide Share presentation
  13. share  a random link with your social media audience – show support for a charity, a good resource or someone who needs a boost
  14. forward an enewsletter to someone who would appreciate it

I’ve created a pdf of these ideas but I will update it next week when I have more ideas added to the list – share your ideas as a comment and I’ll include your name with your ideas.

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