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Highlight the important information

Let me guess – you’re busy. You don’t have time to read everything you ‘should’ or want to read. You often skim read things to decide if you will bother reading it in full.

Guess what? Many (if not all) of your clients are also busy and tend to skim read anything you send them, no matter how much effort you have put into every tiny detail.

Solution? Make sure the important information, and key attractors, are prominent and easy to find.

How can you make the important things stand out?

  1. make use of sub-headings
  2. put important things first – and by important I partially mean what people will be looking for. You can put things first by having those words at the top of the page or just more prominently. For example, putting tickets in larger font for a notice stating ‘Buy your tickets from the left cashier’ or write ‘tickets available this way’ will be more effective than ‘the left cashier is the only place to buy tickets’
  3. use white space around key points (for instance, in an invitation, leave the date, time and address lines short and uncluttered)
  4. use a bold font for critical information for people to skim across
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