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Annoying emails watch out!

How many annoying (but not spam) emails do you get? Maybe it’s someone forwarding you a message that has more headers and email addresses than content, not using your name, using caps instead of normal letters or writing more in the covering email than in the attachment.

What type of email do you find the most annoying?

David and Will want to find out so we can possibly reduce the number of annoying emails floating around, and I say let’s help them!

There are two parts to this – you can share your horror email stories with them and be amused and shocked at some of the stories already on their site.

Eventually, they will get us to vote on which are the most annoying emails to get.

So check them out – just for a laugh at the stories or to vent some your experiences.

And you can tell me what you find very annoying in emails here, too!

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