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I recently read an article with a ridiculous heading. It claimed that the majority of Australians were victims of internet scams. As I have never been such a victim, I doubted the title and read the article (ok, so a ridiculous title did work in terms of getting a reader!)

What they really meant was most Australians have been exposed to internet scams, or had the opportunity to be taken in by such a scam. They then quoted that about 13% of people have actually been hurt by a scam.

Their title was misleading and dishonest really, and totally reduced their credibility in my eyes – I’m not planning on returning to their articles.

Titles and headings are important – they need to attract attention, set the topic for the article and work as part of your brand. In short pieces, the title also has to prove its worth in giving part of the message.

Use your words wisely, and honestly!

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