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The value of being a guru

Maybe its just me, but the business field seems to have more than its fair share of guru claims – that is, people claiming to be a ‘business guru’ or ‘marketing guru’ and the like.

Some people would think the guru title is a beneficial way to promote yourself and your business to the business community, thereby building a customer base and high profits. However, I think there are serious downfalls to the idea, and I would never call myself a guru; even if others were calling me a guru (and they aren’t as far as I know!) I would not use that on my website or in my marketing, at least because others may think I gave myself the title.

My newest article discusses the disadvantages and alternatives to calling yourself a guru to develop your business.

What do you think? Does someone calling themself a guru impress you so you respect what they say immediately? Or are you more cynical about them so that they have to work harder to impress you with what they say?

Would you call yourself a guru in your field (assuming you have a high level of knowledge)?

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