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So many of our dreams

at first seem impossible,

then they seem improbable,

and then, when we summon the will,

they soon become inevitable.

~ Christopher Reeve.

I have read the first of Reeve’s autobiographies, which gives this quote even more power to my mind. The man struggled to do anything much after his accident, yet he exercised for hours every day (not exercise as the rest of us take for granted) so if he could keep reaching for his dreams, and get acting roles, and help charities and inspire people when he was immobile from the neck down…

I think we can take his ideas about dreams seriously and confront the difficult challenges with the belief we CAN do it.


My dreams story:

Some years ago, I had a dream of not working for anyone else. Then I had a mortgage and that dream seemed highly unlikely if not impossible. But I worked hard, saving money and reducing my debt, interest rates fell and I sold the shares I’d been given at work for a good price. The mortgage was no longer a reason to work for someone else.

But then I doubted I had a marketable skill so my own business was still improbable. Until I did a few writing/editing projects for friends and appreciated I had a skill with words that others valued.

Suddenly, I had a business doing something I love and working for myself was inevitable. And I wouldn’t give it up for a job, either.

What is your dream story?

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