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Choosing a name

When starting (or restructuring) a business, one of the hardest decisions is often the name.

You need to consider all possible meanings of the name, whether it is too similar to another business (especially a competitor), whether a domain name is available, does it suit the branding style your business needs, is it easy to remember, and so on.

I have a client going through this process now and it is difficult. Many good names we think of are already registered, although for very different businesses to hers.

A couple of years ago I wrote an article about naming your business – I must remember to send a copy to my client!

I enjoy the challenge of choosing names – it lets me be creative and think in a different way, which is fun!

Some business names I like are:

Word Constructions (well, you’d want me to like my own business name wouldn’t you!)
Precious Water (I agree with sentiment before even checking out their tanks!)
Web Graphics By Email (longer than I usually like, but it sums up the business beautifully)
Real Mums (sounds genuine, somewhere mums can truly be themselves)
The Marketing Coach (much more approachable than something like “The Marketing Experts”)
Love Santa (personalised letters signed Love Santa – says it all really!)
BYO Kids (because it’s hard to leave the kids behind all the time!)

I’m sure there are others, but I just can’t think of them right now. What are some of your favourite business names?

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