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Writing from home

Writing and children are my passions so running a writing business at home while also being a mum is an obvious solution for me.

Watching a friend look for a new job recently, especially as she may have to move interstate to get a great job, has reminded me how much I value working from home.

  • I don’t waste time commuting to the city
  • I don’t create any polution travelling to work!
  • I control my hours and days
  • I can say no to clients or projects if it suits me
  • I can go on excursions and help at school – which I enjoy and consider important, but it also gives me a mental break from writing which actually helps me write better!
  • It’s a good excuse to not do the dusting every week!
  • I don’t have work colleagues distracting me as I write – I can sit for hours uninterupted (as long as the kids are at school!) and concentrate on writing

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