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How bizarre’s your bazaar?

While clearly pronounced differently, bizarre and bazaar are similar enough to cause confusion. Although it may simply be the spelling of each that confuses, rather than mixing the two up…

Bazaar [noun]: a marketplace with miscellaneous stalls and shops, especially in a Middle Eastern country; a shop or market selling a mixture of items; a stall or market where goods are sold as a fund-raising event
Mireille strolled through the bazaar while waiting for friends in Lebanon. 

Bizarre [adjective]: odd, obviously out of the ordinary and different, far-fetched, unexpected
The teacher’s outfit was bizarre – a mix of cultures, colours and fabrics like I’d never seen before. 


2 Responses to How bizarre’s your bazaar?

  • anotherspaceman says:

    They had one of those in Hellboy 2 didn’t they? 😉

    A funny comment, but a good warning to all those that making obscure references can just confuse your audience. Hellboy 2 wasn’t that successful, so most people reading the above won’t get it. Too much of that will lead to alienation!

    Wow, a pithy remark turned into some advice about keeping readers involved. Entertain and educate, that’s why I’m here!

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