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Feeling content with contempt?

These three words are completely different, and if said clearly, should never be confused by someone who knows their individual meanings. However, said quickly, these words can sound alike and lead to confusion – do you know the difference and take care to pronounce them carefully?

contend: [verb] taking a position or stand in an argument, competition, contest or effort
The politician contends his position again, hoping his past achievements will win back his seat. 

content: [adverb] satisfied, happy; [noun] contained or what is contained
Having finished another 10,000 words, the writer was content with her efforts.
He warily viewed the content of the student’s locker. 

contempt: [noun] feeling of disapproval and superiority to something or someone that is regarded as vile, of little account or mean
He treated all criminals with contempt, and never tried to hide the fact.

10 Responses to Feeling content with contempt?

  • ranjitrgeorge says:

    Another informative post! Its absolutely necessary that these 3 words be used at correct situations, otherwise would result in hilarious situations.

  • Godric says:

    I actually knew about the content and contend, its good to know all three of them know. Thanks, I am sure that this will save some really embarrassing situations.

  • onlinebusinessgal says:

    It was a great idea to point out the meaning of each of these words. There have actually been times when I have seen one or more of these words used in the wrong context. They have very different meanings, but I think sometimes when people are typing away, they put in the wrong word. More posts like this would be very helpful.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks onlinebusinessgal 🙂

      People particularly use the wrong word when they learnt it by hearing the word rather than seeing it written, or when they are rushed. I have a category in this blog (called Monday Meanings) which explains various groups of similar words to help people use the correct word.

  • kiki says:

    Helpful post that points out the exact meaning of each of these words. The different meanings are confusing sometimes, and It’s very common that people type the words wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chris Williams says:

    I would have read your post except that there was this column blocking the text on the left side. I’m viewing your site with my iPhone. The column had icons for Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

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