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Social media choice

Which social media platform(s) do you find useful for your business?

Twitter or Facebook?

I have seen a number of discussions on this topic recently, in blogs and forums, and most people have answered in favour of Twitter or Facebook, with some being against the other. Other sites get little mention or are listed as additional channels.

It intrigues me that people still consider Twitter to be about what someone had for breakfast and won’t look at it while swearing by Facebook as a business tool. Both sites can be used seriously or frivolously – you can choose to not like/follow anything you think is nonsense.

My personal experience is that business people share a lot of information and resources on Twitter while Facebook is great for products and consumer services that people can relate to in ‘their time’ rather than in ‘work time’.

I heard it summed up nicely by Tom Webster (of Brand Savant) recently when he said (paraphrased) “Facebook is for sharing with people you know while the other platforms are for sharing with people you don’t know.”

Benefits to business

As a B2B business, having my information shared widely is valuable so Twitter suits  that need. I also like reading what other B2B people share as I can learn from it. Reading what friends share on Facebook may be interesting or fun, but generally doesn’t teach me business skills or knowledge.

One set of  statistics* I found interesting is:

Comparison of social media platforms for B2B and B2C results

B2B 39% & B2C 53% have acquired a customer via Twitter
B2B 41% & B2C 67% have acquired a customer via Facebook
B2B 61% & B2C 39% have acquired a customer via LinkedIn
B2B 55% & B2C 63% have acquired a customer via their business blog

It clearly shows that LinkedIn is more about professional links rather than leading to consumers. But more relevant for now is that Facebook works much better for B2C than B2B, and Twitter and Facebook have produced similar results for B2B users.

Those figures also make it obvious that a blog is still a very useful tool for both B2B and B2C – with the advantage of complete control of the blog and content (social media platforms can and do change).

Your social media experiences

How do you use social media as a consumer/client? Where would you look for a business in social media?

What results have you seen from social media for your business?

*From HubSpot State of Inbound  Marketing Report 2011 (2012 version due out soon)

9 Responses to Social media choice

  • tashword says:

    To further refute that Twitter is only for celebrity or breakfast watchers, I just spotted an infographic stating there are 465 million Twitter accounts and only 21% of retweets include celebrity tweets. Although the top 5 popular tweeters are celebrities!

  • onlinebusinessgal says:

    As a business owner, I prefer using Facebook. I think this is because I just have not had success at using Twitter very effectively. I have far more fans on Facebook than I do followers on Twitter. Twitter is nicer for frequent updates about happenings during the day for my business. I use Facebook more as a means of providing details on the services I offer and any major changes with my business. I also like to receive reviews and feedback through Facebook.

    In all honesty, I also am more likely to check out the Facebook page of a business when I am the consumer. I just never have been a fan of the format of twitter.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks for adding your thoughts, online business gal 🙂 What sort of business are you in – I mean, do you sell to other businesses or to consumers?

      I think part of the appeal for me is that Twitter is fast (although reading everything linked to can take a lot of time!)

      I wonder how the new timeline in Facebook will impact on business results…

  • kiki says:

    Definitely Facebook is the best choice for business. Yes, in my opinion a business can get viral easily on Facebook rather than on Twitter. You can easily get likes on Facebook which for Twitter it is really hard to get some amount of followers.

    I also believe that people uses Facebook more than Twitter which means that your business can get more publicy or cause interest on some users.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • tashword says:

      Have to disagree with you Kiki as I have found it much easier to get Twitter Followers than Facebook likes for my business, and a lot more interaction and discussion on Twitter, too.

      There are more people on Facebook, absolutely, but I honestly think people go there for fun so professional services like mine (i.e. business services rather than personal services) aren’t what people are looking for on Facebook.

      One thing I like about Twitter is that I can share information via retweets so information can go viral – privacy settings in Facebook mean I can’t share others’ comments to give them exposure.

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  • Abbas Rafid says:

    I dont know I am right or wrong, I think facebook is more effective for social media marketing than twitter. Twitter is mostly used for professional work. And, Facebook meets your all demand. This is easy to get facebook fans rather than get twitter followers.

    So, my choice is facebook.

    • tashword says:

      I think it depends on the audience your business is after, Abbas. I mean, if you want professional work then Twitter is probably the better marketing option.

      However, this week I have been watching Facebook likes grow rapidly since I set up some Facebook advertising for a client – so Facebook advertising certainly works for getting likes.
      tashword recently posted..What does April Fool communicate?My Profile

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