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Once could be an error…

As much as I advocate being careful with spelling and grammar, everybody is human and mistakes will be made. So I can excuse an error.

It is much harder to excuse a document or website that makes the same mistake more than once. I came across this sentence a little while ago:

“Informing you super fund of a change of address is just as important as informing you bank.”

Using you instead of your is one of those things done easily enough (spell check won’t pick you as wrong) but really annoys me. Seeing it twice in that sentence just tells me the writer doesn’t understand the difference between you and your or just doesn’t care about being professional or making a good impression.

Two errors in that sentence would also make me less forgiving of other mistakes in the same document so it goes further than two missing letters.

How about you – do you also cringe when you read (or hear!) about ‘you object’?

2 Responses to Once could be an error…

  • wameyo says:

    Totally agree with you here, erring more than once or twice in your spelling is just not very good for your online reputation. Some of these mistakes cannot be picked out by a spell checker and therefore proof reading your article after writing it out will help a lot in such a case.

    • tashword says:

      Relying on a spell checker just isn’t a good idea – yes it can be handy to find obvious mistakes or for words you aren’t too sure about spelling, but it will miss some details. Spell checkers these days also autocorrect for you so if you don’t proof read you may not notice the spell checker adjusted something you wrote.

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