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Payment via credit card

I was going through some emails and found the  following at the end of an email from someone who considers herself knowledgeable in business.

PS. If you don’t want to go through the process of payment on the web simply send me an email with your credit card details and I will send you both books via email for the low cost of $15.00.

If anyone ever asks for your credit card details via email run away – well, at least say no and arrange payment some other way. Emails are not secure so you risk credit card theft if you provide details in an email.

Of course, the same advice applies if you are sending information about accessing a website or other password protected system. As soon as you put a URL, username and password together in an email, there is a risk someone else can get access.

If you receive a username & password via email, change your password ASAP to guard against this security issue.

If you have to send access information (e.g. giving a new web designer ftp access to your site) pick up the phone, use instant messaging or SMS, or if you use email, separate the elements into different emails to reduce the risk.

It is much safer to make credit card payments over a secure website or phone so don’t give details via email, and never ask your customers for their details over email.

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