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Achieving goals

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You may not be running for gold, but your goals are important

Earlier this month, I wrote about new years resolutions and SMARTY goals.

There are two more things that can really help you achieve your goals.

Wording goals

One is how you word your goals. It is important to focus on the end result and train your mind to see life as if you have already achieved the goal. So it is worth setting your goals in positive terms.

So instead of “I will lose weight” make it “I will weigh xkg”, or replace “I will get out of debt” with “I will have a positive bank balance”

You can take this even further by using the present tense in your goals – and this is particularly useful if you repeat your goal to yourself frequently as an affirmation. So our above two examples become “I weigh xkg” and “I have a positive bank balance”.

Adding a reason in the message can also be helpful – such as “I have lots of energy now I weigh xkg” and “My positive bank balance gives me security.”

Acknowledging efforts

The other way to increase your chances of achieving your goal is to acknowledge your efforts. Every so often, look back and acknowledge how far you have come even if it is not as far as you had hoped. It can just be a private “hey, I’ve done this much” or you could share with a trusted friend or give yourself a reward.

If the goal is going to be tough for you or is a long term goal, make sure you give yourself mile stone rewards, too. Maybe for every month you exercise you treat yourself to a massage or for every 25 cold calls you make you can watch your favourite DVD.

With a SMARTY goal written in positive terms and acknowledged and rewarded, I don’t need to wish you luck as your goals are practically achieved already!