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A few years ago, companies created a section of their website as an intranet for staff communications. Now, they can run an intranet as part of a website still or have it on a blog, a wiki, online document sharing software, or even communicate via Tweeter platforms.

But if you need to set up an intranet for your business or workplace, the same basics apply. An intranet aims to make life easier for all staff by having relevant and current information stored in one place.

Having run a and set up a few intranet services, here’s my top list of things to include on the site:

  • contact lists – the more staff in the business, the more this is necessary
  • document registers
  • soft copy letterhead, cover sheets, forms, etc that staff use frequently
  • human resources forms (leave, change of bank account, etc)
  • graphics files (e.g. logo, advertising banners) although some companies limit access to certain staff
  • style rules and guidelines (often in the form of a style guide)
  • standard text
  • policies and procedures, especially relating to staffing

Some other things that suit in many businesses are:

  • photos of events
  • links to online reviews of the business/product
  • archive of old documents in case people ring with queries based on old versions
  • staff newsletter
  • archive of old business newsletters and promotions
  • organisation charts
  • lists of ‘who to contact for…’ (such as Mary to order business cards, John for building maintenance and Jill to book company car)

What else would you like to see in an intranet? Is that something you’ve made use of before or just know from experience?