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Deciding to add live chat to your website is just step one – deciding on a supplier can be time-consuming. Reviews of suppliers can aid your search…

Since writing my review of online chat options last month (was it really that long ago?), I’ve done more testing and refining. And then another option caught my eye, despite having stopped looking, and I’m really impressed with it so I’m adding this to the list…


  • They are based in Melbourne and I like dealing with and supporting Australian businesses when I can
  • 15 day free trial – again, I like the fact no credit card details are required in advance
  • Can access via smart phones and tablets – needs a Google talk based widget
  • Clean, attractive website – doesn’t affect the use of the tool obviously but does inspire more confidence than the Live Help Now site
  • Prices based on business size – $0 (1 operator and 10 chats per month) to $36 a month (8 operators, united chats)
  • Can also pay for monitored chats – they’ll answer queries for you! Appealing but obviously costs more
  • Chat transcripts stored for 30 days
  • Can apparently install in less than 30 seconds – it is easy to install but if you don’t have an instant messaging account you also need time to set that up (and it’s worth noting that Google has just changed their chat to hangouts)
  • Can customise the chat window messages – but not the colours or branding unfortunately. However, that feature is coming in about 2 months and they’ll help clients one-on-one as required.
  • Form to collect contact details when you’re offline
  • Includes an installation guide on their website – and it is in Plain English, not tech speak
  • Requires a third party instant message client such as Google Talk, Pidgin or eBuddy
  • Chat window stays constant even as someone moves pages on your site
  • Chat window pops up after someone is on your site for 10 seconds but will not reappear once they close the window. Easy to close/ignore/minimise/respond once the window pops up
  • You can add it to as many websites as you wish
  • It is supposed to work with all major browsers
  • No contracts, just pay month to month via credit card – paypal option coming soon
  • Maintain a regular presence on Twitter – reassuring to see they are active and current as their blog is a bit light on
  • I received friendly support via their online chat and a follow-up phone call where they asked what features I want. My IT support also got follow-up support very quickly after he asked for help in their chat.

 ** Unlike the other options I reviewed, assistro not only has an affiliate program but is also worth mentioning via that affiliate program s0 the links to their site may result in an affiliate payment to me if you choose their paid service – it won’t cost anything extra for you either way.