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Business profiles

No matter how descriptive your business name and tag line, not everyone will automatically know what you offer. And some will want to know more details anyway.

One way to explain your business well is to have a business profile.

The profile outlines the main purpose of your business; it will explain that you sell a certain type of product online, or that you serve businesses in certain ways or that you offer households a trade.

A profile can vary in length depending on how you use it, but it is usual to keep them under a page as people don’t want to spend too long reading about you.

Profiles can be written in different styles according to your business style and the particular market the profile is reaching.

What do I do with a profile?

A business profile can be a handy tool and used in a number of ways. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Send it as an email or fax to people making enquiries about your business. It can even be added to an auto responder
  • Send it when you are negotiating with a new supplier or joint venture partner
  • A number of network groups and sites will make your profile available for other members to learn about your business
  • Use it as an ad or editorial in a newsletter – shortened if necessary
  • Attach it to media releases you send out as back up information
  • Have it attached to websites where you are a contributor or expert