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Books for fire affected Victoria

I just found out about a book appeal at Borders. In short donate a good quality book to them (or buy a new book as a donation) and it will go to a school or library in a fire affected area. What’s more, Borders will match your donation with a cash donation of the retail value of your book (as if new) – the money will also go towards restocking the schools & libraries.

Getting books back to those communities seems important to me –  a chance to ‘get away’ from the fires for a little while and give a sense of normalcy to them, plus helping those children learn.

I also like this idea for those of us who are given already and can’t give much more even if we want to. Donating books you don’t need doesn’t cost you anything but could make a huge difference to those who lost everything in the fires earlier this month.

I hope Borders have a lot of boxes to collect these books…

** The red cross is still taking donations if you prefer to donate cash.