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Learn how guest posting can work for you

Find out about guest posting and how it works, along with information on maximising the experiences for your blog and business.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • the advantages of guest blogging for bloggers, blogs and readers
  • how to approach blogs with your gust posts
  • how to write guest posts that will be accepted
  • how to set guidelines for guest posts on your blog
  • how to manage guest bloggers for your blog

Divided into sections for guest bloggers and host blogs, this eBook can give you skills for one or both roles in this very effective marketing technique.

Equivalent to 30 A4 pages of text, this eBook has a wealth of practical information beyond guest blogging posts you may have already read.

Early bird release!

The guest blogging eBook is currently with the designer so will soon be available from this page.

In the meantime, you can buy the basic eBook at a heavily discounted price of $9.50 – this version is simply laid out with headings but all the content is the same as the final eBook. So if you don’t care about a nice layout and cover, grab this information-packed eBook now!

This is a strictly limited offer – once the designer provides the final version, the basic version will be permanently  unavailable.


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