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I’ll throw your throne

I spent a lot of time yesterday running around and throwing balls at kids (mostly during games of poison ball with Cub and Joey Scouts) so this pair of words came to mind for today’s Monday Meanings. It’s certainly a pair of words that would look very strange when used in the wrong way.

Throne [noun]: a seat reserved for use by a monarch; a large, ornate or imposing seat
Everyone stood as the Queen approached her throne.
A giant throne dominated the grass near the car park. 

Thrown [verb – past participle of throw]: having propelled an object through the air, generally by an abrupt arm or hand movement; caused a fall; confused (common speech use)
The ball was thrown five times before Jack could catch it.
The cowboy was thrown from his horse when a snake crossed the path.
“I was thrown by the word buoy in that sentence,” she said

If you need a way to tell these words apart, remember that a throne is for one special person.

Have you ever seen these two words misused?

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