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Gift certificate for business services?

Leading up to friend’s birthdays and Christmas, gift certificates for product-based stores and personal services (eg a massage or facial) are often considered as a convenient gift the recipient can redeem for whatever they want.

There is also value for the business giving out gift certificates – quiet promotions, value add, follow on sales and cash flow in particular.

So would you give a business service gift certificate?

Here are a couple of situations where I think it could work:

1. a friend has just started their business and is overwhelmed with the things to do’ so you give a voucher for a VA’s services

2. as a web designer you know there is more than good design required for success so with all projects above $x you give a gift certificate to a professional writer to kick things off

3. instead of giving a bottle of wine or box of chocolates, a business gives out vouchers for a business service to enhance clients’ business. Obviously they need to be complementary businesses with a similar market so a business coach could give out vouchers for bookkeeping, a designer could give a voucher for a printer and a writer could give gift certificates from an IT support business.

4. you want to give a friend/client the means of improving something about their business, just because you like them or you can see their business really needs the help

5. it is the anniversary of your business relationship or someone starting their business so acknowledging that with something that will further their business (rather than a hamper or bunch of flowers) gives more meaning to your gesture

Have you ever thought of giving a gift voucher for a professional service? If you’ve done it, how did it go?

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