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How not to start an email

I just received some spam which started with:

You are receiving this email becasue we wish you to use our Website Design Services.

Did someone really think that approach was going to win them any business? They went on to explain about their company and what they offer (so say their subheadings anyway – I didn’t read it!) but frankly who cares?

What’s wrong with this opening?

  • there is no attempt to be polite or engage me as a human being, let alone being personal
  • there is no attempt to gain my interest
  • there is no attempt to show any understanding of my issues, let alone suggestions of how they can help solve them
  • they didn’t even take enough time to check the spelling in the first line of their email! How can I trust their attention to detail?
  • they attempt to further their importance by using capital letters when describing their services – unnecessary capitals of course
  • and the big one – how does what they wish have any relevance to me or me receiving unwanted emails?

So when starting emails, remember it is a person reading it so write to them!

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