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I looked at a website today that is trying to explain technical terms to enhance their sales – a good concept of course, but if the definitions aren’t clear I think they’d be better off without them.

This is pretty much the first thing on their site:

What is “Domain Name”?
Compared with IP address, Domain Name is a character sign which is like a doorplate number on internet, it’s used to identify and orient hiberarchy of computer on internet.

Ok, English isn’t their first language, but their site is in English so it needs to be understandable in English! Even if we change ‘hiberarchy’ to ‘heirarchy’ it still doesn’t help explain a domain name – and I actually know what a domain name is!

Moral of this story – make sure a definition is easier than the term it is meant to explain! I suggest using the simplest words possible when writing  definitions so people can concentrate on the definition rather than the words you use.


P.S. Try my article for a longer but simpler explanation of domain names.

One Response to Clear definitions…

  • tashword says:

    Oh dear. I read further. Hard to believe, but it got worse!

    “What is a keyword?
    Internet keyword also called internet brand is brand’s extention on internet. It is a kind of new technique for visiting network names,a convenient method to realize the visitation …. ”

    ‘realize the visitation’?
    What is the biggest worry is calling keywords a new technique. Yes, it’s new if you compare it to say inventing the wheel, but it is not new for people who understand the internet…

    And purely for my amusement, their homepage also states:

    “Target of the corporation:
    It should provide the all-round products, and can meet the requirements of the customers of different layers. It can provide the customers with the excellent electronic commercial platform with many technologies”

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