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Saying sorry

On behalf of Australia, Kevin Rudd says sorry to the stolen generation and their families and communities.

This apology may not be a business or writing topic, but it is important and is a significant moment in Australian history. I was proud to hear our Prime Minister say those words, to express the sorrow so many of us feel at what was done to those Aboriginal children and their families.

The suffering of those families is more than I can imagine, and I hope that this apology can help a little of that pain and bring us closer together as Australians.

I was shocked to realise the practice of removing Aboriginal children from their families was done as recently as the 1970s – 7 decades of it is 70 years too many.

It is my hope that a positive change will arise from this apology – that people can heal, that positive actions will take place and that we will remember the unity and emotions of this momentous event.

Welcome to a new Australia.

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