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Two Wolves

As a cub leader, the blog entry titled “Two wolves” at The Tall Poppy instantly caught my eye (cubs are named for wolf cubs pack as the young of scouting.)

Anne’s post relates the Chrokee story of us all have two inner wolves fighting for control, with one wolf repeseanting greed, fear, guilt and eog and the other represnting joy, peace, genrosity and compassion.

And which wolf wins? “The one you feed.”

I think that is very true – the more you focus on, the more you see in your life.

Both personally and in my writing, I try to avoid negatives to focus on helping people and seeing the good in life. I’m not perfect at it, lol, but I certainly keep my professional writing  positive and informative, and my whole business is modelled on helping other businesses succeed.

And I hope that by reading my blog, you are feeding your positive wolf.

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