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Can you outsource a manager?

blue question markThe general answer is yes, you can outsource a managerial role but there are some exceptions and industry-specific challenges.

By outsourcing I simply mean having someone take on a managerial role as a contractor rather than an employee. Often this means they work remotely (ie not in the business premises) but that is not always the case.

For example, I do the Communications Manager role (including being listed on an org chart) for some companies who don’t need a full time person – I write their materials and manage the relevant suppliers (designers and printers mostly) from a distance.

Outsourcing a manager role may not be effective in every case of course:

  • a remote manager will be challenged to oversee staff in many situations
  • a retail manger needs to be in the shop to deal with customer issues
  • a production manager would need to be near the production line to ensure it is working and for any problem solving
  • a senior manager (eg general manager) who is not an employee may be less effective because they are not as invested in the business they are managing

So next time you are considering a full time employee manager, think about whether or not you could outsource that role effectively.

If you have outsourced a managerial role, even on a short term basis, how did it go? Woud you do it again?

5 Responses to Can you outsource a manager?

  • Jim Taylor says:

    Making money on the internet is something that can be done in a lot of different ways but perhaps one of the most well known and easiest ways to make money on the internet is to outsource. If you don’t know what outsourcing is, then basically it is getting someone else to produce something or provide a service on your behalf. Much of the outsourcing that is done online will involve using people in less wealthy countries as they are able to work for a little less than people in the UK and the US which allows you to make money relatively easily.

    • tashword says:

      Thanks for commenting Jim. However I have to disagree – outsourcing is not a way to make money (online or off) but it is a great way to help you make money, and I think that distinction is important.
      By outsourcing you gain time and expertise which enables you to work on other things – that is its true value and what I have posted about a number of times.
      I also think it is demeaning to say outsourcing is best done to less wealthy countries – firstly because you are blatantly saying you want to make money at other’s costs and secondly because using remote suppliers may not produce the best results. Not only do you get less skilled workers when you pay substantially less, you may also lose local understanding and knowledge (for example, a non-Australian would not know to write ‘put on your thongs and hit the beach’) I’m surprised you’d say it given you promote your business as being in Conneticut, USA…

  • As a business, you have to be really careful of the money and income flow. Likewise, the costs too should be documented and regulated. In this circumstance, you will find the job of a bookkeeper to be very useful.

  • Archie says:

    Yes I agree that managerial role can be outsource like any other departments – HR, IT, Marketing, and Sales. What is important is the communication if needed should be seamless, like time zone similarities to collaborate real time with remote staff.

    • TashWord says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment Archie. Time zones is one factor in making an outsourcing relationship work – sometimes having someone work during your night time is very efficient and effective.

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